Hey everyone, it has been about 6 months since I’ve posted here, I now write on my own site, www.radigancarter.com, so head over there to read new articles and sign up. Just wanted to post this here as still getting people signing up on substack. Take care, Radigan
Third highest weekly close ever
Who cares about the middle east when you live with roommates?
My mindset, medical, weapons, and three scenarios
How to step outside the cycle of violence to make better decisions
Geography, History, and Realpolitiks
How I used my decision-making and risk management framework from overseas for identifying actions and tripwires for virus on February 25th for no…
I slept in a 6x10 metal box with what I could fit in a backpack. Only way in or out was by helicopter. This is what helped me then, and what I'm doing…
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